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Last Reviewed: November 21, 2023

Size Genetics is another product that aims to serve the purpose of penis extension. It is promoted as “the most comfortable device in the world,” bannering its Ultimate Comfort 58 Way System. A penis traction device, it claims to help lengthen penis size with a few more inches, complements free exercises to help improve erections, and is designed with curvature correction in mind. The end goal is to improve your confidence during lovemaking.

A single package of Size Genetics comes with the penis extender, 2,3000 tension, two multi-functional heads, ultimate device tension levels, instruction DVD, leather case, travel case, an aftercare moisturizer, and Traction Plus powder.

Size Genetics states that it uses only the best medical-grade materials that are not prone to bending or rusting easily. According to the official site, it has a unique 59 way Ultimate Comfort System and a padded rubber comfort strap that does not cut off blood supply. “Ultimate comfort” is said to come with the size enhancement benefits.

The positives of this male enhancement product are its complete package, bonus items, and ability to help correct penis curvature. On the other hand, we do not like the inherent risks and dangers that come with penis extenders like it, as well as the lacking information on its specific material and composition. Do not expect other sexual enhancement benefits, too, for it seems entirely dedicated to penis extension.

Penis extension devices have been around for a long time, which acquaints us with their potential dangers. You need to know what the penis extender is made of, and follow the label instructions closely so as not to make room for safety risks and unexpected consequences. It is also quite a bummer that “male enhancement from within” cannot be achieved by using this product, thus the lack of other benefits such as ejaculatory control and enhanced libido or sex drive.