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Week of: Friday December 01, 2023
Last Reviewed: November 21, 2023

Sextagin is another male enhancement supplement, this time claiming to be made of 18 herbal extracts and delivers “quite a punch” for every daily dose. It is projected to help men experience their “true sexual potential” particularly when they get older. It claims to offer a large dose of raw power per serving, with three-supply (180 capsules) per bottle. The goal in mind is building confidence and getting benefits that no other male enhancement product has successfully done, according to its manufacturer.

It is worthy to note that Sextagin contains yohimbe, which makes it a stronger blend and a controversial one given the FDA banning of the ingredient due to safety concerns. Other ingredients on the list are sarsaparilla, L-arginine, and Tribulus terrestris. We tried looking for the official full ingredient list, but to no avail.

We find that Sextagin enjoys glowing reviews online, including on retail sites such as Its three-month supply can also lead to savings in the long run, as it does away with buying individual one-month bottles every time. However, on the downside, the full ingredient lineup is hidden, as well as scientific data and findings that will offer a basis for its sex enhancement claims. It also claims to be a fast-acting formula, but we cannot directly verify this without the needed numbers.

Sextagin has such great potential as a male enhancer, but it fails to make the necessary follow-through to be considered a top-quality supplement. As if the inclusion of yohimbe is not bothersome enough, it fails to present a compelling case of quality and beneficial results, as shown by clinical data and findings. There is hardly anything about it that pulls us to a positive direction – it drowns in a sea of so many sexual enhancers of complete ingredient disclosure, fact-based persuasion, and glaring positive results.