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Week of: Friday September 01, 2023
Last Reviewed: September 09, 2023

Prelox Blue, created by Herbalife, is a male enhancement supplement that is formulated with L-arginine and pycnogenol to support the sexual health of men worldwide. A single bottle of the product comes with 60 tablets, with two tablets recommended taken twice every day for the benefits. We looked, but to no avail, for further information on Prelox Blue such as clinical data, FAQs, customer reviews and testimonials, and special deals. This limited our ability to further evaluate the brand.

Case in point is the ingredient list, which we cannot find the complete one. The official website focuses on only two primary ingredients, which are L-arginine (an amino acid for improving nitric oxide production) and pycnogenol, derived from an extract of French maritime pine bark.

The positive aspect of Prelox Blue is that it belongs to a family of established health supplements. On the downside, it has a severe lack in product and manufacturer information – no complete ingredient list, no details on money back guarantee, and no clinical data or findings to comfort us in our search for male enhancement excellence.

On the whole, Herbalife may seem like a familiar name in health supplementation, but it does not offer enough empowering information for potential customers of Prelox Blue. We have enumerated the missing particulars above. To add to those, we feel that the product does not really stand out in this specialization, such as when you consider its four-tablet daily recommended dose. This is a bit too much, showing weaknesses in product potency. Until we are given more things to know about Prelox Blue, we would rather go for a more established, just-as-affordable product for addressing male sexual dysfunction.