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Pos-T-Vac prides itself as the leading provider of vacuum therapy systems in the world. It serves as a non-surgical erectile dysfunction treatment, using what is known today as vacuum therapy. Prescribed by urologists for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, it is cited to have a high safety and success rate, as well as flaunts an FDA-approved marketing. Its founder is a self-proclaimed ED patient and boasts designing the first modern-day vacuum therapy system.

Since this product has no ingredient list to speak of, let’s take a look instead at one of its vacuum products, called Erec-Tech, and see how it works. First, Erec-Tech is positioned over the penis. The vacuum then brings blood into the vascular network of your penis, filling it and causing it to become erect. Afterwards, the soft-gel tension ring is moved from the penile cylinder to the base of the penis – your manhood then stays erect until the tension is removed.

These vacuum systems will hold your erection fully firm for up to 30 minutes at a time, even after orgasm, and will permit ejaculation escape in most cases. The erection will subside when you remove the tension system. The process may be done again within a few minutes, or as often as you require in a given day.

Pos-T-Vac has a unique mechanism of action for fighting erectile dysfunction. It acts and brings results fast, and can very well attend to severe cases of this common sexual dysfunction in men. However, on the flip side, it is considerably more expensive than supplementing with a male enlargement pill, and may carry a number of safety issues with repetitive use. It may also be inappropriate for use by men who have certain conditions or health considerations.

We think Pos-T-Vac is genius enough to cater to those who need to fight ED badly – and that is via vacuum therapy system, which has proven to be safe and effective to a certain degree. If we are to think of the now, then it may very well be the best option for desperate male enhancement seekers. But if we are to focus on long-term safety and sustainability of benefits, we still believe that there are others out there that can better perform, including much-cheaper supplements. You should also be on the lookout when using these vacuum systems if you have a special condition or anything your doctor needs to take note of.