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PenaTropin is a male enhancement supplement promoted to be clinically tested and supported by randomized, double-blind, human clinical trials. According to its manufacturer, it is rated number one by consumer, medical, and industry reviews, mostly for its touted ability to help you achieve peak growth hormone levels. For one, it promises to increase free testosterone levels in a substantial way.

The product was formulated b Dr. Wichai Cherdsherwasart, a US patent holder and Taguchi Prize recipient. He is a professor in the Department of Biology of the Science faculty of Chulalongkorn University in Thailand.

The main benefits of PenaTropin are better, harder, and longer-lasting erections; more powerful orgasms; enhanced libido, faster recovery time between sex; and elevated free testosterone in the body. Its clinical data showed that there was an 84 percent increased in erectile quality score with size enhancement, hardness, and strength. PenaTropin does not divulge its full ingredient list, but highlights the power and benefits of Butea superba as well as other herbal extracts.

The positive aspects of this male enhancement formula is the abundance of its human clinical trial results, a compelling case for trying out what the product can do. It is also formulated by a man of science and with science backing it up. Finally, it has a relatively affordable price when compared to male enhancement supplements of the same league.

On the downside, we mourn the unwillingness of the manufacturer to reveal its full ingredient list, only putting the spotlight on Butea superba. Additionally, tweaks and refinements on the product site need to be done, including the ordering process and overall security of the website.

On the whole, PenaTropin makes some promising male enhancement goals, including increasing blood flow and other male sexuality aspects such as stamina and libido. Given the clinical data that back it up, it maintain credibility and great promise for male enhancement users. However, it needs to be more open about its full list of ingredients, as well as improve website functionality for a better user experience.