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Another sexual enhancement product on this list is Paravol, which is said to be particularly engineered for men who desire to improve the intensity and duration of their orgasms. Per its official product copy, this supplement contains a unique trademarked blend called Ophenafil Hcl, which intends to raise testosterone levels to healthy levels and help product firmer, fuller erections. This can increase the potential for higher pleasure in the lovemaking.

Take a look at its ingredient list: horny goat weed 10% icarin, Tribulus terrestris ext 40%, long jack (Eurycoma longifolia)(from 20:1 extract ), Avena sativa 4:1 extract, L-Arginine HCl, chrysin powder, maca powder, Muira puama herb pwd, catuaba bark powder (from extract 4:1), Cissus quadrangularis powder, sarsaparilla (Smilax powder), calcium D-glucarate, stinging nettle powder (Urtica dioica), diindolylmethane, rhodiola rosea extract 1%.

If you look at its specific product claims, Paravol says it can produce a significantly increased pleasurable sexual encounter, as well as naturally stimulate your production of the male hormone. It also aims to provide increased duration and multiple contractions.

Let’s go to the positive aspects of Paravol. There are two that particularly stand out, namely the specific sexual function claim it provides, which is volume enhancement, and its focus on providing other crucial aspects, which are production of semen and male fertility potential. Not all supplements mention these potential gains.

However, we are disappointed that Paravol lacks the numbers and data to substantiate its claims and make them more realistic for male enhancement users. You also need to take more than one capsule a day, which can be impractical and can cost more, as well wait for at least eight weeks of continued use for the initial manifestations of the benefits.

Overall, we feel that Paravol means well in helping men achieve better sexual function and performance. But out there “on the field,” so to speak, it performs less than ideally, with a recommended dose of more than one capsule a day and with no clinical information on its estimated actions. The results are still largely a guesswork given these deficiencies, so Paravol needs to furnish the specifics right away to gain our attention and trust.