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#3: Orexis
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Another dick pill product on this review list is Naturally Huge, which claims that it can improve men’s sexual performance by thrusting more power and allowing users to sustain his erections as necessary without using prescription drugs. It claims that it can give men the power to get total control when getting erections, such that there is no need to take supplements every now and then. The focus are achieving a bigger manhood and improving sexual stamina.

This product credits Vasodex, a nitric oxide enhancer used among athletes and bodybuilders, for its beneficial properties. Vasodex is its proprietary complex that activates the reverse nitric oxide pathway. During erections, your brain releases a hormone telling your body to fill your erectile chambers with blood. The product claims to increase erectile size through the dilation of these chambers and allowing more blood to enter erectile tissues. The other purported benefits are improved stamina, as well as firmer erectile status and more intense orgasms. Some of Naturally Huge’s primary ingredients are maca root, muira puama, longjack, L-arginine, and Tribulus terrestris.

It is a positive aspect that Naturally Huge is a supplement and thus prescription-free, is relatively affordable, and makes strong enhancement claims in the specific area of erections. However, on the other side, we find that its website lacks information – with perhaps a dedicated emphasis on the ordering process. No clinical evidence or body of testimonials is presented, and we hardly find anything that could strong back up its benefit claims.

While expectations naturally build up with products like Naturally Huge, you should pay great attention to the details. Yes, it gets male enhancement right with enhanced blood flow. But before investing on it, remember that the claims are not scientifically backed and further verification is needed. Caution is needed when information and safeguards like these are missing. Additionally, while relatively affordable, Naturally Huge falls severely short on product disclosure. Think about why these things are kept hidden.