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Mandelay is a so-called maximum strength climax control gel that is available in local stores and online, such as in, Walmart, and CVS. Its active ingredient is Benzocaine, which is a widely known and used anesthetic that is also found in topical pain relievers and cough drops. Mandelay is an FDA-approved over-the-counter medication to numb nerve endings on contact with the skin.

The main ingredient of Mandelay is Benzocaine, a male genital desensitizer that helps extend sexual pleasure. It is formulated to delay ejaculation and help you stay in control of your orgasms. Other ingredients of the product are PES-8, Polyglycerylmethacryalte, and propylene glycol. According to instructions, apply a small amount of Mandelay to the head and shaft of your penis before you have sex. Your penis then becomes less sensitive on contact. This action, too, is said to help you withstand more stimulation than without any. The product is expected to be used safe even in conjunction with latex or condoms.

The positive attributes we see in Mandelay is its relatively affordable or accessible price, as well as the convenience of using this cream product. It can be placed in your pocket without hassle, making for a quick fix for premature ejaculation.

The negatives, on the other hand, include a range of safety concerns. The cream should never be ingested, made contact with eyes, and used when there are signs of rashes. Mandelay can also rub off a woman’s vagina and cause reduction in her sensations. It can spoil the lovemaking for her as a result. Mandelay is also simply a temporary solution to premature ejaculation.

While wittily named and convenient to use, Mandelay poses a number of issues that we also see in other premature ejaculation creams. It is a temporary fix and does not address the problem of rapid ejaculations or uncontrolled orgasms. Products of this kind can also create problems with female pleasure and sensations once they come into contact with the vagina. In summary, you might want to find a more long-term solution to your ejaculation problems instead of heavily relying on a quick-fix cream that has temporary effects.