Last Rated: November 19, 2023
Top 5 Rated Most visited Male Enhancement Pills Reviews

#1: Erectzan
Success Rate: 97%
Price: $29.97


#2: VigRX
Success Rate: 93.6%
Price: $76.99


#3: Orexis
Success Rate: 83.6%
Price: $59.95


#4: PHGH
Success Rate: 80.5%
Price: $39.95


#5: Zenerx
Success Rate: %
Price: $59.95


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According to its official product site, it takes as little as 30 minutes to see Erectol, another male enhancement product, to work against erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence. It is taken once a day and promises to also permanently strengthen your prostate. The main benefits are centered on effortless erections any time you will them, all within weeks of regular use. Erectol is dubbed by its manufacturer as the number one in America among herbal supplements for the male condition, with thousands of users said to regain their sex life using it. It is also promoted for use among men ages 19 to 90, with a whopping 98% effectiveness rate.

The ingredient list of Erectol includes the following: Avena sativa, which is favored for improving male and female sexual desire, performance and sensation; damiana, which is a sexual tonic used for centuries; muira puama or potency wood, for libido and erectile status; and yohimbe, which increased blood flow and libido. Other components of the product include Siberian ginseng, saw palmetto, boron, vitamin E, zinc, phosphorus, chlorophyll, and ginkgo biloba.

There are a couple of Erectol positive attributes, including a thorough explanation of how erections and male sexuality work and operate, along with the factors that bar their optimal health. The formulation that is made up largely of herbal extracts is one to be lauded. On the other hand, we find that the product site lack crucial information such as simple ordering/shipping guidance, as well as customer service response.

In summary, we find that we are impressed with the herbal and nutrient lineup of Erectol, as well as the one-a-day recommended dosage. We also find it credible that it can work in as little as 30 minutes, causing positive impact on male erections. But how are we to completely trust the product if we cannot fund the foundational details we need for a smart purchase. Erectol needs to provide us these details and to further protect consumers, such as with a money back guarantee and similar safeguards.