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Last Reviewed: November 21, 2023

Aspire 36 is a male enhancement product that is manufactured by Palo Alto Labs in the United States, and a bottle contains a month’s worth, which 12 pills. It costs 49.99 dollars and comes with a 30-day return policy. It is available in both physical and online sources, and it claims to increase the user’s libido, level of sexual pleasure, and erection quality, as promoted through its “revolutionary formula.”

The ingredients of Aspire 36 include horny goat weed (also known as Epimedium), avena sativa, tribulus terrestris, astralagus, oleic acid, velvet bean, L-arginine, and eurycoma longifolia. These are traditionally used herbs and nutrients for sexual enhancement, causing improvement in erections, sex drive stamina, and the overall experience of men in lovemaking. Why the product is called Aspire 36 and how the name relates to its formulation, however, is something we cannot find an answer for in our research.

The upside of choosing and using Aspire 36 (from our own quick product run) includes its natural formulation, as well as the manufacturing and processing of the brand in the United States. The manufacturer also discloses its contact information on the website, as well as the return policy, which is an integral part of the buying experience.

The negative aspects that we see here, however, is the evident lack of customer reviews and testimonials, which speak volumes of the reach and reputation of Aspire 36 among male enhancement users. It is rather pricey, too, and can be quite cost-limiting for a great segment of the market. Finally, the manufacturer has to provide clinical data and findings to back up its benefit claims and better fare in the intense sexual enhancement competition there is today.

You can consider using this product if you put a premium on a natural formulation, as well as using something made in the United States. But if you want to very sure about what you are using, it is better to choose a product that shows compelling evidence of action (such as what shows o customer reviews and clinical findings), which Aspire 36 somehow lacks. The price point can also be a turn-off, given the existence of affordable yet well-built products of its kind.