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ArginMax, available for both men and women, is positioned in the market as a natural sexual enhancement supplement. In men, studies show that the inability to achieve and maintain a satisfactory erection is usually the aftermath of poor circulatory health in the penis. ArginMax is then developed on the observation that certain botanical extracts may assist in the conversion of the naturally occurring amino acid L-arginine intro nitric oxide. NO is the key for circulation, erection, and sexual arousal.

ArginMax’s manufacturer, the Daily Wellness Company, ensures high standards for manufacturing and guarantee that its supplements, including ArginMax for men, contain the amounts of active, standardized ingredients printed on the product label.

ArginMax for men is promoted to work in four ways:

  1. Provides L-arginine, the building block for NO production
  2. Provides extracts of natural herbs American and Korean ginseng, which enhance the conversion of L-arginine into NO by nitric oxide synthase
  3. Provides the natural herb gingko biloba to promote overall microvascular circulation
  4. Contains 13 essential vitamins and minerals that promote general sexual and reproductive wellness. The net effect, according to its website, is increased NO efficiency and an increase in NO production, leading to enhanced circulation and arousal

Depending on age and general conditions, it may take the average person two to four weeks on ArginMax therapy to reach new levels of sexual fitness, and to remain at such levels as he continues to take the supplement. The recommendation, however, is to stay in the program for at least 4 weeks initially to see the full benefits.

The upside of using ArginMax is its combination of tried-and-tested vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that work toward better circulation and arousal, which are benchmarks for optimal sexual health. There is also an abundance of clinical research and findings showcases on the official product site, alongside a strong body of information for informed buying choices. The existence of his and hers ArginMax products also show the manufacturer’s commitment to enhanced sexual function in both men and women.

Given ArginMax’s quality and manufacturer’s reputation, it is also priced quite competitively, particularly with the 6-month supply. Its “winning streak” will likely continue for a while, and it needs to improve every time from highlighting erection benefits to improving customer response and its ordering process to stay on top of the male enhancement game.