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Androgel is a testosterone gel – a controlled substance (CIII) and daily testosterone replacement therapy that can help restore your hormone levels back to normal with daily use. It is a clear, odorless and concentrated quick-drying gel offering packaging options in the form of metered-dose pump or packets for your selection. Androgel testosterone replacement therapy is available in two strengths: 1% and 1.62%, which is concentrated. There are different applications and dosing for the two compared to other topical testosterone products.

According to its clinical study that covered 274 men with low testosterone, 82 percent of Androgel daily users (for 16 weeks) returned to normal, unlike 37 percent who used placebo. However, it is prescription-based and comes with warnings such as potential to transfer from your body to others, as well as signs of puberty in young kids accidentally coming into contact with the testosterone through their skin.

The positive attributes of Androgel include complete caution and warnings for product users and doctor’s prescription guide, as well as serving as an option for males seriously deficient in testosterone. Discounts and savings are available for Androgel buyers, too. As for the factors appearing to be negatives, Androgel is available only via doctor’s prescription, and hormone replacement therapy itself is surrounded by controversy and safety issues and warnings, as well-documented in medical literature.

In summary, Androgel is a topical testosterone product that’s available only via the prescription path and comes in two strengths with different dosing and applications. It emerges as a handy choice for those who are in dire need of improved testosterone. But there’s more to it than the agreeable surface: Androgel and other products of the same kind are haunted by safety warnings and questions that seem to have no answer to. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), while providing the needed hormones, is highly controversy-ridden and has been clearly documented to come with serious side effects in some users.

Given this, caution is necessary in moving forward with this technique, and there are safer, just as effective options that can be explored. In the arena of improving sexual function and wellness, for instance, herbal supplementation may just as well be taken.