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Will Natural Herbs Work as a Libido Enhancer?
July 29th, 2013

There are many different reasons why your libido decreases, or why don’t feel up for sexual intercourse. Loss of libido or sexual desire is suffered by both men and women, but the former tend to be worse battered by this condition.

To remedy this sexual issue, the old ways dictate making herbal tea or patches. But with the rise of new male enlargement pills and other tools and techniques, there has been better access to these natural herbs, which, realistically, you cannot access at once wherever you’re located.

But what are these factors affecting male libido? Aging is one of the primary reasons why you start to lose your libido. Additionally, stress, prescription drug, and vices like smoking and substance abuse lower your sex drive and make it harder for you to perform optimally, if at all, during lovemaking. These are a source of frustration among many men, which may prompt them to seek a number of solutions.

What Are These Helpful Herbs Against Loss of Libido?

Traditions and several generations have already tested the effectiveness of natural herbs when it comes to male libido enhancement. The good thing is they are relatively cheap, and you manufacturers have already combined them in high-absorption formula for excellent results. Here are some popular and tested herbs for male libido and enlargement.

Ginseng is among the most common herbs, and it has been shown in research to boost your balance, increase your hormone levels, and consequently raise your libido. You take this in natural supplement form or as liquid extract. Horny goat weed is another one – it’s a Chinese medicinal plant that increases both sperm count and libido. Its leaves and stem are the most beneficial among its parts.

Sarsaparilla is used in root form or as an extract, and it boosts progesterone and testosterone levels. Allegedly, it mimics the action of natural hormones in your body.

Tongkat ali is another familiar name, and it wouldn’t be called “Asian Viagra” for nothing. It is said to help increase your libido without the potential side effects of erection drugs like the actual Viagra. Kola nut, on the other hand, replenished your energy levels in the body, powering you up when it counts, i.e. in bed.

Yohimbe is another famous natural herb for libido and male enhancement, a native Western African tree that is said to help remedy erectile dysfunction and serve as a good aphrodisiac.

Notes on Supplementation

Many of these natural herbs are in one-a-day pills that are convenient and can be shipping directly at your door after you order on the World Wide Web.

However, you should focus not only on the potency and efficacy of these erection pills, but also on their safety value. Source a pro-libido supplement from only a reputable manufacturer.