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How to Make My Penis Bigger Than It Is?
March 5th, 2013

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A statistical study of average penis sizes in the United States suggested that 71.5 million American men possessed penises of a size that fell anywhere between 5.1 and 6.7 inches. This was at the time when the male population in the country stood at 105 million. This then, was the average penis length in the country not too long ago. So in case you have any lingering doubts about how well endowed you are, take a comparative look and decide for yourself. Unless your penis is smaller than 2.7 inches when erect, you are in good enough company. However, if it falls anywhere between this average size and the lowest of penis sizes in the country, then you have a legitimate case to ask the question – “How to make my penis bigger?”

Ways to Acquire a Larger penis

Today, there are several drugs, mechanical devices, and aided penis exercise techniques out there which help in achieving visible and assured results with a larger penis size. The trick is to pick the method and product that is right for your specific needs and expectations. And that will always require a bit of homework and due diligence. For men who are constantly asking themselves “how to make my penis bigger”, the following are the options available in the market:

  1. Surgical Procedures: Surgically enhancing the length and girth of one’s penis can never be sound advice, however desperate you are to see a larger penis on yourself. Such measures are the bastion of porn actors or freak shows. So unless you are one, or aspire to be one, do not even think about this option. Saner options to look at are penis enlargement pills, patches, or devices.
  2. Penile Patches: Penis enhancement patches are for exterior application, and contain pharmacological compounds that are absorbed through the skin of the penis. Most of these patches need replacement every few days. In some men, these can cause side effects such as skin irritation and rashes, and hence should be used only under professional guidance and medical consultation.
  3. Enlargement Devices: An increasingly popular way to enhance penis size these days however, is the use of penis enlargement mechanical devices. Most of these devices work by stretching and repairing the penis over a period of time, and can be worn under the clothing, and at night while sleeping. The good thing about these devices is that they are completely mechanical in nature and devoid of any pharmaceutical substances, and therefore do not carry the risk of chemical side effects.
  4. Penis Enhancement Pills: The best bet in the penis enlargement game however, lies with some modern penis enhancement pills, especially the ones that use natural herbs and substances as their core ingredients. These pills are not only much safer and more reliable than earlier drugs that used fabricated chemical compounds, but also much more effective with their results. Erectzan and VigRX Plus are two very popular such pills.

If you are looking for expert advice on ‘how to make my penis bigger?’ try Mens Health Advisor. It is by far the most reliable online source for information and tips on the safest and the most effective penis enlargement methods and medication. It contains periodic product reviews by both users and leading experts. Their website also has a comprehensive catalogue of penis pills and devices you can choose and order from.