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How to Jelq or “Milk” the Penis
August 26th, 2013

Jelqing is said to have been around for centuries now. When done properly, this exercise regimen is said to cause an enhancement in penis size, as well as other aspects of sexual performance such as erection, stamina, and libido or sexual desire.

Did you know that “milking” your penis is a natural male enhancement solution you can use? This is another term for jelqing, and in the middle of so many male enhancement pills, tools and devices, and surgeries, it emerges as one of the most used, beneficial, cost-free exercises you can perform at your home.

Jelqing can be done through several steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide to this sexual enhancement exercise:

  1. Wrap your penis with a hot compress for around five minutes. Although the compress shouldn’t be too hot, it should be warm enough to force blood flow into the desired area.
  2. Apply lubricant to your penis. Rub it until you achieve partial erection. Your penis should be halfway between flaccid and erect, because a full erection will not provide you the best results.
  3. Start jelqing. Grip your penis with your thumb and forefinger. Move toward its head. Perform this with your first hand, and then repeat the motion with your second hand, starting at the base. Continue this step for about thirty minutes to an hour.

Expect to feel uncomfortable doing this exercise at first. But remember that although pressure should be applied to the penis, jelqing should not feel painful at all. Hold your genitals firmly, but avoid squeezing it. It is advisable to use plenty of lubricant as well. Furthermore, avoid jelqing continuously for hours or once you sense soreness on the penis area. Jelqing further bring severe damage to your penis – something that’s never part of your goals.

Men who are wary of the discomfort or potential injury that may arise from jelqing are quick to seek other solutions. In this case, you may explore herbal supplements, which prove to be a safe, natural alternative in order to achieve the same male benefits: enhanced erections, increased stamina, increased penis sensitivity, and greater sexual desire or libido.